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Firstly I just want to say how glad I am that you're all using my little calculator!  Due to its popularity I'm considering Reworking and expanding it. I may even consider making a phone app version if the demand exists. That's where you come in! I'm looking for your feedback on what you like and what you'd like to see changed. Also Would you like to see an app version or is this online format better?
If you could let me know what you think in the comments section below or send me an email at lrdp2011@hotmail.com with the subject Score Calculator, you may very well affect the future of this project.
Thanks for reading! Enjoy your smuggling.


My second #1GAM entry. Moved overseas this month and time was tight so I opted for a simpler project. This tool calculates point scores for the Sheriff of Nottingham board game. It take user input for each players final tallys and calculates each players subtotal. It then applies applicable bonus' and displays final scores. If I later decide to continue with this project I will add more interesting visuals and different modes to allow the gameplay to be changed slightly. As always all feedback is appreciated.

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