Trampoline POP is the second game in development using my RetroPlay engine. From the main menu you can view high scores, continue a game that you previously exited from the pause screen or start a new game. When starting a new game you first enter your name that will be displayed in the high score listings then select done. A new game will now begin. The objective is simple, use your character to pop as many balloons as you can without missing the trampoline. A score modifier is applied to each consecutive balloon you pop in a single bounce. Missing the trampoline will cost you one of your lives and reset your avatar unless you are out of lives in which case the game is over.

Use A and D to move horizontally
Use W as you hit the trampoline  to boost your bounce
Use S to increase your air resistance and slow down
Use O to pause the game

As always any and all feedback is appreciated.

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