Thanks for playing Trivial Bets!

How to Play:
 - At the main menu enter both players names and select how many rounds you want to play, then tap 'New Game'.
- Each Round is 15 seconds long. In this time each player should Carefully read the Question and Answer options, then tap the number on their side of the screen that corresponds with the answer they think is right. Finally each player should tap a bet amount on their side of the screen depending on how sure the are of their chosen answer.
- Once the timer reaches 0 the correct answer will be displayed and funds added/subtracted from each players 'Bank' accordingly.
- This process repeats until one players runs out of funds or for the pre-selected number of rounds. At such a time if the players are tied both in 'Bank' balance and correct answers 3 more rounds will be added and the game will continue until there is a winner.
- Once the game is over, the results will be displayed and upon clicking done you will be returned to the main menu.
-- note: A minimum bet of $50 is placed every round regardless of it a player selects an answer. (so even if you have no idea, guess! you have nothing to lose)
-- note: If you need to pause the game at any time, just tap the timer. This will display the main menu from which you can tap 'Resume Game' to continue from where you were.

If you would like to contribute questions to the game please use the template below and either post them in the comments or email them to with the subject 'Trivial Bets'.
(I will only update the game once at least 10 questions  have been submitted.
I reserve the right to exclude any submitted question without reason.)

Questions - Matt Ward
Menu Music - Eliot Corley -
Everything else - Me/Public Domain

Question Submission Template: 

            "text":"your custom question goes here?",
            "answer":4,// replace this 4 with the 'id number of the correct answer to your question
                    "text":"answer option 1 goes here"
                    "text":"answer option 2 goes here"
                    "text":"answer option 3 goes here"
                    "text":"answer option 4 goes here"

(replace the words and 'answer' number as needed but leave all of these symbols { } [ ] : , " " ' ' where they are)

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